Men.. I feel you. Its a tough time to be a man. There is so much happening and I want to create a safe circle for you to open your heart, be heard, and connect to other Men.. The divine feminine is here, and this is an energy that effects you deeply. Men in our society don’t have many places to go and open their heart and express their emotions, and talk about things without judgement. This is that place. Emunah embodies the divine feminine and will answer your questions about women, sex, dating, marriage, hear your concerns and help you open to your heart and your divine feminine in a safe way. This will help you navigate your relationships with more ease. Men come ready to heal, and leave a better man. That is my promise to you .

Donation $15-$20


November 19


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Sacred Love Academy



1002 Camino de las Ondas

Carlsbad, US