Ladies.. This is an evening to step into the divine feminine , to slow down, get connected, and feel the feminine energy that lives within you . You will be guided through exercises to help you tap into your feminine energy. You will learn how to connect with other women in a deeper way, one that leaves you feeling like you had a great massage..there will be excercises to help you open, to get clear on your desires, and it is a safe space to talk about pleasure and sex and orgasms. Most women have yet to experience their full sensual and sexual essence and this is a key to our power.
This is a safe space, to learn about sacred orgasmic meditation, how to have more pleasure in your life and how to live as a goddess, attracting your desires to you. Ladies we have been saturated in a male dominated world, and its time for the divine feminine. Come and have an evening of feminine pleasure and inspiration and fill up your cup.

• What to bring- comfortable clothes, dress so you are feeling good and comfortable , any questions

• Important to know- This is a safe sacred space, a place to open to your own divine feminine energy and essence

Donation is $15-$20 at the door


November 26


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Sacred Love Academy



1002 Camino de las Ondas

Carlsbad, US