My domestic partner of 4 years and I recently attended one of Emunah’s Sacred Love for Couples Meetup evenings. What a treat!

Emunah created a wonderful, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for those of us participating, and was great in explaining the format for the evening and what we could expect. We were guided through several exercises meant to deepen communication and intimacy, always with Emunah offering very clear and concise directions and explanations. We left the evening feeling closer as a couple and with a treasure trove of ideas for how to create more intimate exchanges between us, whether we have 5 minutes or 5 hours.

So, forget about the classic date night of dinner and movie…head on over to Emunah’s for a taste of real connection and communication with your partner can look like!

Tamara Golden

Emunah greatly helped me think through the issues I am facing in my love life. I honestly don’t have much of a love life, and so even thinking about it made me feel sad and frustrated. However, Emunah gave me great tips for my dating profiles, by encouraging me to be honest about what I want. Right now, I just want to have fun before I go to grad school, and she encouraged me to do that. I ended my call feeling positive and happy about my potential love life, which I have never felt before.


OH MY GOD! I feel so free, I can’t believe how quickly this happened. THANK YOU! I am so glad I trusted my yes, and gave this to myself. It’s an answered prayer

Liz O.

Being in Emunah’s presence feels safe and loving. there is a deep feminine power and love that radiates from her that drew me to her.

Lisa Jones

Emunah’s beautiful way of embodying the feminine really helped me get in touch with my own feminine essence on a deep level. I found a new respect for my vagina and womb space, which was a revelation. I felt safely guided by her and it was also fun and playful. She helped me overcome some fears around expressing myself and being seen, and her super intuitive abilities and ease of self expression also helped me acknowledge the medicine woman that I am.

Nicci Palmer

I chose to have a VIP custom intensive with Emunah because I was ready and open to take a look at what was holding me back from attracting my whole mate. When Emunah announced her new empowering gifts in the area of relationships, I jumped at the opportunity as I value Emunahs sense of unique wisdom that only experience can bring. Her sensitivity to women’s relationship drawbacks, her integrity and authentic ways in which she relates to people; plus she brings fun and professionalism to her work.

I got a lot out of working 1 on 1 with Emunah as her focus was 100% on the container she created just for me. it was worth every penny and more. I released what was no longer working for me and Emunah gave me some powerful tools that makes attracting my life’s desire alot easier and fun. Watchout what you ask for, magic started to happen the whole time I was working with Emunah, and still is. I’m enjoying this new me in this loving adventure. I feel like I’ve left my cocoon to emerge as a beautiful and free butterfly not looking for love but BEING love.


I had a session with Emunah Malinovitz, for past relationship/childhood trauma clearing and moving forward with focused clarity. Stuff I’d been consciously working on for 6 years. I feel physically lighter, even 6 days later. Old patterns continue to gently drop away. I feel hopeful and gently nourished from my inner being. Very grateful, it’s been a long time coming to let go of the hurt/pain/suffering/self sabotaging. It was time and I was ready. Thank you very much, Emunah. I felt safe, connected, tuned in, and very supported. I look forward to our next meeting where she will share connection techniques with my partner and I.

Amanda Domintz

There is a sacredness that Emunah creates. I feel so seen and safe to surrender.

Kathy S.

Emunah worked some magic in my relationship when she coached us. She very lovingly yet firmly got us to dissolve our nonsense and feel the hidden torrent of love between us. She’s amazing at what she does.

Ruwan Meepagala

Emunah is truly connected to Source and tapped in. I was blown away how she can open to source and channel exactly what I need every time.

Wendy Stevens

I met Emunah at an OM Class she was a coach there and one of the people that caught my attention from the moment I entered the room. At the time I was going through very dark days trying to reconcile my sexuality and spirituality after a divorce (20 year relationship ended due to infidelity on his part) and holding on tight to the pieces of me that were left after being shattered by betrayal not only by the man but in general. I have been in therapy for more than 7 years and have a good understand of the “WHY” but that information only satisfied my mind. Still at the end of the day when everything was quiet I had a deep feeling of emptiness and lack OF… but had no idea what was missing.

As time passed the feeling of emptiness teamed up with frustration and an urgent need to be “THERE” but had no idea what I wanted so how was I going to get a plan to get it. I had lost track of Emunah after the OM classes and out of the blue her picture shows up on people I might know in Facebook. That friend request saved my life for sure! Long story short I start working with this amazing woman and find the glue that I need to create a new me from the pieces I was saving.

Emunah gave me a safe place to confront the darkness inside that was holding me back. She has walked the path and knows at a deep level what I am feeling and can meet my needs faster than I can. Her light shines so bright inside that it spills over to my dark corners and melts away the I am alone idea that hides there. She holds the space so I don’t have to waist energy being strong or living up to the world standards of what women should be. Her container allows me to flow inside and discover the beauty and divine soul I truly am. All I can say is THANK YOU!! For having the courage to move in this space and going ahead of us to build a safe path. Our work together is only at 50% and I can already feel myself transformed. Worth every dollar I have paid and I am sure this will turn out to be the best investment I ever made. Time, energy and money are what we as women usually invest in others with little to no return in some cases. It is our time to wake up from the inside out and shine bright be the light house for the ones that follow. BE one with self before we try to extend and Emunah is the perfect tour guide to this place called HOME. Again thank you sending you love from the window of my new home inside.

Liz Sandoval