Emunah Malinovitz, relationship coach, intuitive healer, Sacred goddess, and keeper of wisdom and the sacred embodies love and takes a stand for true love…love of self, love of lovers and love for all the creatures on this earth. She believes in true love for all and has taken her own journey while delving deep into the spiritual and sensual learning to enhance this love. Her courage to love and lose has enabled her to become whole and love herself, allowing her to attract a wholemate and truly experience love and deep connection and passion that continues to go deeper and deeper even when single.

Her dedication to sacred love for over 20 years has led her to research, study with world experts and travel the world to learn the secrets to true authentic relating. Souls are led to her when they are truly ready for real deep lasting love, complete with the magic that comes with such love.

Emunah works with Couples and Singles, Men and Women, successfully in private sessions, group environments and as a host for life-changing retreats. The unforgettable sacred wedding and renewal ceremonies officiated by Emunah encapsulate the abundant love between those committed to sacred love. Her work with singles who desire true love and to meet their wholemate includes the loving of self, allowing for fully loving another.

Singles enter a new relationship having understood how to love themselves, and repeatedly report back that relationships are exciting and seen through the light of exploration and open heart rather than anxiety or fear.

Couples discover Emunah’s secrets to creating a strong foundation of loving communication, incredible sex, and undeniable intimacy. Those couples who previously felt disconnected experience feeling their love renewed, reenergized and connected at a level deeper than ever before. The level of intimacy and sexual passion and complete desire and admiration for their partner surpasses all expectations.