Sacred Love That Lasts

A place to explore all aspects of Sacred Love

For Singles ready to finally meet their Wholemate.
For Couples who want to awaken and deepen their passion, intimacy and friendship.

Emunah specializes is Sacred Love — from helping you find the one, to giving you the tools you need to build solid, long lasting sacred love.

Once you have this love, she can create a sacred one of a kind wedding for you or a private renewal/anniversary celebration of your love, and help you in your journey if you incur some bumps. She’ll teach you how to clear the blocks and reawaken that love and passion again and again.

And if you truly have come to the end in a relationship, she can create a custom sacred divorce package helping you move on in love and grace,  and helping you know when its time to be complete and teach you how you can complete with peace and gratitude for lessons learned, rather than ending with hatred and closing your heart even further ….

I know this all sounds crazy… But this is what’s possible if you are ready and open… and this is a beautiful journey into true union and divine love. All love is Sacred and is a great teacher. I will help you have this LOVE.

Welcome to Sacred Love That Lasts! 

Where love is sacred, and I will give you the tools you were never taught to have real Sacred love that Lasts. It’s Time! Are you ready?

Emunah xo

Awaken Your Inner Priestess Retreat

August 28th- September 4, 2018

A retreat for women to reclaim their priestess power, to own their pleasure and radiate love.

Hot Love That Lasts in Mystical Bali

September 19th – 26th, 2018

A Week of Connection with Your Lover in “the Land of The Gods”